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Rydia Q Vielehr is originally from the land of cheese, beer*, and Packers known as Wisconsin. She was raised by her mother, Denise (a New York City native and former professional singer and model) and her father, Jerome (a former professional everything else). Rydia grew up with a beloved black and white cat named Skittles whom she taught to swim in Lake Geneva; as a young girl, she often took the kitten traipsing through snow banks and other hazardous environments.

One of Rydia's first stage appearances was in 5th grade singing the fabulous 50's song, "Only You." She first graced the small screen on American's Funniest People. Deviously stashed away, Denise owns an limited edition copy of Rydia playing a crew member on Star Trek from Universal Studios Theme Park. During this death-defying episode, Rydia's character duels a dastardly Klingon, mounting him in combat and removing his wig! In high school, Rydia managed to score her first paying gig as the jester host for Super Saturday, a monthly kids program (thanks Mrs. McCain!)

Today, Miss Vielehr lives between Boston and New York, like many a good actor.  She has acted for a myriad of companies in the Boston Area and performed at various venues in the country - once through a National Tour. She has even thrilled the silver screen with her shrill screams. Miss Vielehr loves musicals, Shakespeare, and children's theatre.  You might recognize her from the Hall of Human Life at Boston's Museum of Science, any number of car commercials, or appearances with gaming related ventures around the country.

She also helps run a Nintendo fangroup in Boston and is an Ambassador for Super League Gaming!

Fun Facts

Favorite Play: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Favorite Musical: Little Shop of Horrors
Favorite Film: The Fifth Element
Favorite Book: Anything by Michael Moorcock or Edgar Rice Burroughs
Favorite Cheese: Boursin or Excellent Sharp Cheddar or Pepper Jack or Muenster or... too many options...

*She does not drink beer, much to the dismay of her father.