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  Gen Con 50 Events

All Weekend
Wizards of the Coast Adventurer's League
Play or run games in the officially sanctioned Organized Play campaign with 5th Edition rules provided by Baldman Games!
JW Marriot

Don Bingle's Paragons from the Past
Classic style RPGA games featuring Dungeons & Dragons events written by Jean Rabe, Tom Prusa, and SKIP WILLIAMS
Lucas Oil Stadium - Horticultural Hall

Paint & Take

Miniatures Painting and more!
ICC 2nd Floor Serpentine Lobby

7:00 pm Gen Con Princess Party with Prettiest Princess Matt Fantastic
Rock Bottom Brewery

11:30 am Retrospective Panel: TSR Comes of Age
ICC 105

Costume Contest
3:00 pmish - when its done
500 Ballroom
9:00 pm Dance: Through the Ages
Union Station Grand Hall

12:00 pm Retrospective Panel: Running Gen Con - The Inside Scoop!
ICC 105

Can you find Admin Plumeria?

Did you listen to the PokeProblemsPodcast
interview with costume contest coordinator Anne Brown?

Thank you to Michael Satran for the ticket!

What's in demand?


PAX East Panelists 2015

Cool Booths
Indie Press Revolution #2338
Paizo #103/403
Looney Labs #1652
Armor Class 10 #2839

Thank you to Mike, who originally suggested I go creature to Gen Con as a small creature. Thank you to my Dad, who dropped a small child off in the wilds of Milwaukee and picked her up every evening. Thank you to Dan Cunningham, the best judge a girl could have for the D&D Open and first experience to the RPGA. Don, Chult is back!!! Everyone misses you, Rick. It won't be the same without you. R.I.P.

Check out the photo coverage here.

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