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PAX South Preview

Game on!

Preview 2018
Baby it's cold outside...

Why are you looking ahead to 2018? Is it because you are FREEZING? Are you going to stalk Miz Sylver at PAX South in beautiful San Antonio, Texas?
December 2017
Nice or Naughty?

You can find Rydia entertaining with Big Smile Entertainment and... who or what is that... Rudolph?

What madness lies in this Holiday Season?!? Have you been a nice or naughty reindeer?


Nintendo Holiday!

picture from 2015 with warukbikku

November 2017

Need more Switching in your life? Come play games with Rydia at the Natick Mall from November 11th - December 17th at the Nintendo Holiday Experience.

Every day can be ARMS day! Is your body ready to feel the wrath of Master Mummy or receive a beating from the thick locks of Twintelle?
October 2017
Vintage 2

"When you're out of Schlitz,
you're out of beer."

Check back in a few for a whole set of new photos by Peter Paradise Photography! Always Coca-Cola, Schlitz, and Dungeons & Dragons!

Miss you, Dad.

When you're out of Schlitz...
Fade Away Music Video
September 2017
Fade Away Release!

Good things come to those who wait.

"Fade Away" by Kristin Moura has finally been unveiled to the public thanks to the fabulous production of Seng2kx. You can see Rydia and Alan White in epic sword & sorcery battles.

Thanks to Lara from Black Cat Tours for the dagger suggestions!

September 2017
Hascon -
Week 2

Only the most astute will be able to spot Rydia...

However, she encourages you to play D&D Adventurers League, run by Baldman Games!

Also, Flo Rida is performing at 5 pm on Saturday!


September 8th - 10th
Rhode Island Convention Center

Did you buy Tomb of Annihilation?

PAX West 2017

Alienware 1115
Bandai Namco 2521
Bethesda 1102
Capcom 2109
Frozenbyte 859
Hi-Rez Studios 925
Nintendo 2121
Pink Gorilla 136
Square 2141, Sky 3
Ubisoft 605
Yacht Club 433

September 2017
PAX West - Week 1

Due to unexpected circumstances, Miz Sylver will not be at PAX Prime as previously planned. Please make sure you check out these cool people:

The Life and Times of a Board Game
  Friday 3:00 pm Sandworm Theatre
  Matt Fantastic, etc.

You Paid Too Much!!!
Video Game Deals

   Friday 10:00 pm Hydra Theatre
   Kelsey Lewin, etc.

Monster Hunter: Building a Community
   Saturday 3:30 pm Felyn- Cat Theatre
   Mary Rosado, Johnathan Rodriguez, etc.

P.S. Please remember to thank the enforcers!

August 2017
Gen Con 50

Gen Con, the original gaming convention, started in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. After moving to Milwaukee, this epic convention has relocated to Indianapolis, IN.


Check out the photo story here.

Suggested Events.
Gen Con 50
Where the Action Is
June-September 2017
Where is the Action?

Milwaukee Summer Revel
  June 30th - July 2nd Brookfield, WI
  June 30th - July 2nd Milwaukee, WI
Taste of Chicago*
  July 7th - 9th Chicago, IL (Navy Pier)
San Diego Comic Con*
  July 19th - 23rd San Diego, CA
Gen Con
  August 17th - 20th Indianapolis, IN
King of Prussia Mall*
  August 25th - 27th, King of Prussia, PA
  September 8th - 10th, Providence, RI

*Nintendo Summer of Play Tour

Select Adventurers League Games
  at the Compleat Strategist
Super League City Champs Season 2
 Showcase Cinema in Revere

Preview Picture by Peter Michaels Paradise.

June 2017
Video killed the Radio Star

Rydia has been back in the studio as of April. Check her YouTube channel for any clips she is lucky enough to snag!

Thank you to Bill & Charles at MindEdge for this picture.

Never fear! Miss Rydia's voice? Listen to her and The Wolf Doctor on their weekly gaming podcast here.

Rydia is shooting a few videos this

"I'm Ron Burgundy?"
Elise Gygax in a
                            Classic D&D Advertisement

(Above is the lovely Elise Gygax, daughter of famed Gary Gygax - Rydia treasures her emails from the latter).
May 2017

Remember those classic ads from the Coca-Cola, Schlitz, and Dungeons & Dragons? May is photo shoot time.

What you want is a Coke.

"What you want is a Coke."

Sample Preview Picture by Peter Michaels Paradise. Thank you to Mom & Dad (and anyone who ever bought me a D&D book, Miranda the coloring book is dope) for many of the props for the photo shoot.

April 2017 - Casino Royale 2

Rydia is returning to Salmon River Central School near the border of Canada to perform "The Yellow Dress" courtesy of Deana's Educational Theater and 3 Sisters Program.

Will she eat all the Salmon in the river? All she knows is that the buffet at the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino is delicious and she is happy to returning.
The Yellow Dress at
                            Salmon River Central
Miz Sylver will be at PAX East!

PAX East
March 10th - 12th

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

Suggested Events

Podcasting Panel Pictures & Video

StreetPass Game Show Panel Pictures
StreetPass Game Show Questions

March 2017
Wonder PAX Power

You will be able to catch Miz Sylver during two panels at PAX East in Boston:

StreetPass Game Show
Friday March 10th at 10:30 am
Bumblebee Theatre
Returners Sean M. Sullivan and original designer Debbie from StreetPass Long Island and surprise guest!

Podcasting: From Amateur to Pro-Caster
Saturday March 11th at 8 pm
Arachnid Theatre
Headed by The Wolf Doctor (are you listening to her talk about Pokémon), with Jonathon Holmes of Destructoid & Nintendo Force, fabulous actor Kevin Harrington of the Hadron Gospel Hour, and KC of the Switchcast. Video by Seng2kx.
Late February 2017
Totally Confused

Remember that convention where Rydia was playing Lady Starfire Divine (her paladin of Sune) and had a couple Mike's Hard Lemonades?

Come to Total Confusion in Marlborough, Massachusetts to find her helping out with the Iron GM Contest (video is from Gen Con 2011).


Find Rydia at Total
Check back soon for
                            2017 news!

Check back for pictures!

Watch the promo video!

February 2017
Mongol Invasion

Miz Sylver will be returning to Genghis Con for the first time since 2001. Listen to a podcast with convention organizer Matthew Rowles and The Wolf Doctor!

Read the suggested events including D&D Adventures run by Miz Sylver (SIGN UP NOW!), Temple of Fire & Ice (previously a TempleCon exclusive) and a specially written adventure, Temple of Khan.
January 2017
PAX - Remember the South

You can stalk Miz Sylver during TWO Panels at PAX South in San Antonio, Texas!

StreetPass Game Show
Friday January 27th at 8:30 pm
Bobcat Theatre (Miz Sylver totally didn't request the feline room... really...)
hosted by Sean M. Sullivan, Kelsey Lewin from Pink Gorilla Games and the Game Blitz Podcast, with Nick Oelhberg from StreetPass Princeton.

StreetPass Switch: the Future of Nintendo Handheld Gaming
Sunday January 29th at 12 pm
Armadillo Theatre
hosted by Nick Oehlberg from
StreetPass Princeton with Mario Kart Champion Michael Rios, and Rinaldy Gomez of StreetPass NYC (look at this cool picture of Miz Sylver with Rinaldy from NYCC 2015!)

StreetPass Game Show Panel Pictures

StreetPass Game Show Questions

PAX Badges!

StreetPass Switch Panel

Come to a panel with Miz Sylver at
                              PAX South!

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