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April 2018

PAX East is totally not a replica of PAX South without the Southern Heat. #RIPNICEWEATHER. Will it snow?

Esports is for Everyone Part 2
Friday April 4th at 1:30 pm
Arachnid Theatre
featuring local Doeboy (Twitch Streamer/Big Blue Esports), Rhoulette Cosplay, Luis "suar" Suarez (Panda Global), and the Mysterious Chris DeAppolonio
(Triggerfish Partnerships).

StreetPass Game Show
Saturday April 5th at 8:00 pm
Bobcat Theatre
hosted by Sean M. Sullivan from StreetPass Long Island, Special Guest ShellShock (Peter Ortiz) from
Switch & Play NYC, The Wolf Doctor from PokeProblemsPodcast, and Mel from Formlabs!

Esports is for Everyone Pt 2

Coming Soon: suggested Events and Booths.

PAX East StreetPass Game Show 2018

Listen to an intereview with Maya here!

Miz Sylver is
                            returning to Genghis Con!

Sign up to judge
D&D Adventurers League here!

Suggested Events.

February 2018
Mongol Domination

Miz Sylver will be returning again to Genghis Con. Listen to a podcast from the other year with convention organizer Matthew Rowles and The Wolf Doctor.

This year she will be running an Adventurers League
module by Rob Silva (of Chicago) in additional to the usual madness.

Special thanks to Mykle McGovern!
January 2018
PAX: Southern Uprising

Once again, you can stalk Miz Sylver during TWO Panels at PAX South in San Antonio, Texas!

StreetPass Game Show
Friday January 12th at 9:00 pm
Armadillo Theatre
hosted by Sean M. Sullivan, Debbie Lee from StreetPass Long Island, Special Guest JV from The Switchcast.

Esports is for Everyone
Saturday January 13th at 11:30 am
Bobcat Theatre (How did Miz Sylver end up in a kitty theatre again?)
featuring Journalist Junae Bennet from Black Girl Gamers
, with Twitch favorites  D1 and Keitaro, and locals Sam Elizondo of LFG Cyber Cafe and Harold Bratcher of SAN LAN.

StreetPass Game Show
                            at PAX South

Check back for pictures!

Come to a panel with Miz Sylver at
                              PAX South!

Miss the panel?
Listen to an interview by The Wolf Doctor with Sam from LFG Cyber Cafe
or Harold from SAN LAN

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