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Preview 2020
Battle of the Champions

Which Nintendo Franchise will reign supreme? If you are in lovely San Antonio, Texas in January come Switch & Chill with Miz Sylver during PAX South at Nintendo Feud: Team Zelda vs Team Meowth!

Thank you to all who took a survey!

PAX South
Sally & Jack with Zero in front
                              of "Meet the Pumpkin King" sign

October 2019
Haunted Happenings

Boys and girls of every age
Wouldn't you like to see something strange...
This is Halloween
This is Halloween
Pumpkins scream in the dead of night...

Did you find Jack the Pumpkin King, Sally, and Zero?

What did you dress as for Halloween?
September 2019
PokePopUp Bar

Miz Sylver infiltrated the PokePopUp Bar at Boomtown Brewery with with Deeph from Super League Gaming. Check out the pictures!

Also, tune in to the podcast review with The Wolf Doctor.

She is also roaming the wilds of Los Angeles... HI MATT & ROSE!

If you want to play, make sure to send her some mail from the Galar Region!

I am looking at you, Mr. Ashley.
Miz Sylver as a Liepard at the Poké
                                Pop-Up Bar

Partial Cast & Crew from A
                              Midsummer Night's Dream with Apollinaire
                              at the Elliot Norton Awards

Black and
                              White photo of Greg Ansin and Michael Neel
                              shooting photography

May 2019
Awards & Abominations

Apollinaire Theatre's A Midsummer Night's Dream was nominated for two Elliot Norton Awards - "Outstanding Production" & "Outstanding Ensemble." Thanks to the amazing cast, crew, and direction from Danielle Fauteux Jacques.

...but what madness lurks in the past that can never be forgotten...

...Listen to a podcast by The Wolf Doctor with filmmakers Greg Ansin & Michael Neel (did you break any glass while listening to Rydia shriek in Drive-In Horrorshow?) about their latest production Infinite Santa 8000.

"Save an extra reel for gore..."
March 2019
I Herd U Liek Pokémon

Are you ready to play at PAX East in Boston for your Pokémon of choice?

Pokémon Feud:
Team Pikachu vs. Team Meowth

Thursday March 28th at 9:00 pm
Condor Theatre
hosted by Sean M. Sullivan, Debbie Lee from StreetPass Long Island, Special Guest The Wolf Doctor from Poképroblemspodcast, Geoff from Switch & Play NYC, trophies by Mel.

Pokémon Feud at PAX
                            East 2019

Check back for more pictures!

Pokémon Feud Questions.
Aphrodite, Cupid, and Psyche

February 2019
Happy Valentine's Day!

Do you have a favorite song about Love? Do you have a favorite Roman god or goddess?

Aphrodite, Cupid, and Pysche (Rydia) are spreading the love through song, courtesy of Big Smile Entertainment.

(Rydia is quite fond of My Funny Valentine).
January 2019
Texas Breakout

Third time's a charm! You can stalk Miz Sylver again at PAX South in San Antonio, Texas. If you cannot make the show, this event will be live streamed on Twitch.

Nintendo Feud:
Team Bowser vs Team Zelda

Saturday January 19th at 9:30 pm
Falcon (PUNCH) Theatre
hosted by Sean M. Sullivan, Debbie Lee from StreetPass Long Island, Special Guest JV from The Switchcast.

PAX South
                            Nintendo Feud

We asked 100 gamers...
You can be one of them.

Make sure you watch live on the
Official PAX Twitch.

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