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Miz Sylver as a Liepard
                                    crawling out of a Pokémon card

Miz Sylver (Liepard) and DeephEricksen (Jeff Goldblum) attended the Los Angeles PokePopUp Bar at Boomtown Brewery on September 8th, 2019.

Pokebar Sign
Boomtown Brewery Neon Logo

Neon Pokéball Logo

Inside the PokePopUp Bar thrived a real Pokémon City.
Activities included (but not limited to): Wackamon, Mini-Golf (one hole!), Poké Bean Toss, Money Machine Cash Cube, Photobooth, Poké Ball Pit, Fishing, Old Skool Activities Sheet, Photos Ops, and more!

Wackamon Bouncy House Wacking Partners Wackamon

Pokémon Themed Bouncy House: the wacker stands in the center hole while the thieves pop up out of side holes and try to steal as many balls as they can.
Deeph as Charizard
Fishing for Pokéballs

Try to fish up as many Pokéballs as you can within a time limit... was there a Master Ball?

Cash Machine

Grab as many Pokémon Dollars as you can.

Will Miz Sylver put a link to her catching all teh moneyz? $$$$$$$
Deeph + Liepard in front of
                                      Pixelated Shocked Pikachu
Liepard inside of a Money
                                      Time Cash Machine

There's food and drink in the game.
The cost of your ticket included a themed burger, fries, and drink!

Magma Burger: Angus beef, spicy ketchup, mustard, pickles, onions, American (noooo!)* cheese
H20 Burger: Angus beef, lettuce, green tomatoes (yaaaa!), pickles, onion, Green Goddess aioli
Pika Burger: Angus beef, onion rings, bacon bits, American Cheese (why???)*, pika sauce

*Deeph believes in American Cheese on burgers.
Miz Sylver believes in other cheeses on burgers.

Special Note: veggie impossible patties and vegan cheese available for those who did not want to harm Miltank.

Beer Menu
Bulbasaur Burger with

The DJ was rockin' and there was even a Costume Contest.
Misty with the dog looked amazing, too!

Mad DJ
Costume Contest Winners
                                      Feraligator and Chikorita

Thank you, Emily from Fever, for a wonderful Event!

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