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  GenghisCon 2017 Events

Suggested Events for GenghisCon 2017

2 pm D&D Temple of Khan**
7 pm D&D Temple of Fire & Ice**

2 pm D&D Temple of Khan**
4 pm Cosplay Contest*
Evening Club Cosplay Denver Official Party

RPG Adventure Design*

**Sold out. Please beg Miz Sylver to run more tables.
*Click to be taken to the Tabletop
page to sign up for select events!

Other Notable Events
Super Smash Bros. Tournament
Overwatch Tournament

Did you listen to the PokeProblemsPodcast    episode with Matt's discussion of GenghisCon?  

Thank you to Matthew Rowles for the   
invite to GenghisCon 40!  

Miz Sylver as Nadia fearing a
Nadia (Secret of the Blue Water) with Beholder

Miz Sylver raising the
                                    zombie hordes
Zombies: Matt Studer, Jon Anglin, Michael White

Don't get axed
Throwback photo to post-GenCon axe throwing at Dan Hurda's house (Scott Buchan, Chris Tulach, Jason Bulmahn, Rydia Vielehr, Greg Marks, Toni Winslow)
Check back for pictures, death tallies of players, and whether or not Miz Sylver survived the Overwatch Tournament.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mzsylver
YouTube: https:///www.youtube.com/mzsylver
NNID/PSN: mzsylver

(Psst. Say hi to Miz Sylver on Miiverse!)
Goodbye PAX South 2017 Hello Genghiscon 2017

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