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Preview 2017
Winter Summit

For those planning ahead, Miz Sylver will be a guest at PAX South in San Antonio, Texas and a Mongol Invasion in Colorado!
Miz Sylver will be a
                            Special Guest at PAX South!

Find Rydia caroling
                            about Boston!
Holiday 2016
Happy December!

As usual, you can find Rydia bringing the holiday spirit to public works, parties, and private events in the
New England Area courtesy of Victorian Carollers and Big Smile Entertainment.

...and is that Rudolph...?
December 2016
A Giant Initiative

Over the years, Rydia, has written adventures for TSR/WotC. In this 5th edition
of D&D Next, you will be able to play an official Adventurer's League module in the Storm King Thunder series, set to premiere in December, Giant Diplomacy. You can buy the adventure for a mere 2 gold and 99 silver pieces ($2.99) here.

Don't let the faerie magic steal you...
D&D Adventurer's League Logo
Do you want to play a

November 2nd - 6th, 2015
Cherokee Ranch & Castle
November 2016 - UPDATE
Arcana Rising Disappearance

Unfortunately, Arcana Rising in Denver, Colorado, has been cancelled.

Robert Adducci should have contacted those who preregistered for this mythical event. If not, please feel free to send a message.

Halloween Weekend
The Red Lady reappears...

Halloween, the most wonderful time of year, is almost upon you. Miz Sylver will be appearing in red to interview victims for this most important of occasions.

The real question is... will these select few survive?

Have the Red Lady
                            emcee your Holiday Party!

Sign up for
                            Superleague using code ACTION9

Did you sign up for Super League using code ACTION9???
October 2016
Shall we play a game?

Do you like movies?
Do you like video games?
Do you like Minecraft?
Are you reading this webpage?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, you (or someone you know) should sign up to play Minecraft in theatres with Super League using code ACTION9!

Also, say hi to Rydia at the League of Legend Championships in NYC!

September 2016
Tactical Invasion

For those near Colorado Springs, CO, come game with Special Gaming Guest Miz Sylver at Tacticon, held at the Hotel Eleganté Conference and Event Center from September 1st - 4th.

Convention schedule & suggested events.

Read an archive copy of her Liepard biography here.

A Wild Liepard Appears!

Check back for pictures!
TempleCon 2016: Your Epic Convention...
                            Reborn  Late August 2016
TempleCon - Epicness Reborn

 Come to a convention like no other, filled with intoxicating sights and sounds. If you are daring, allow Miz Sylver to escort you through D&D 5th Edition: Temple of Fire & Ice (note: change in adventure) on Friday August 26th at 2 pm, D&D 5th Edition: Temple of Fire & Ice on Sunday, August 28th at 2 pm, or help you Settle it in Get Super Smashed Bros. Doubles on Saturday August 27th at 12 pm at TempleCon in Warwick, RI. There will be epic trophies for the latter. Rule Set here.
Mid August 2016
Play Nintendo

What does Summer Time mean? A chance to play all your favourite handheld games!

Make sure you stop by the Play Nintendo Summer Tour August 19th-21st when it stops by the S
outh Shore Plaza to say hi to Rydia (and race her at Mario Kart 7!)

Update: Luigi & Jibanyan will appear Saturday, Mario & Pikachu will appear Sunday from 11 am - 5 pm.

Hi, I'm Daisy!
Flesh of the Blood -
Early August 2016
Boston Comic Con Fantasy

For the fantasy fan in you, stop by Booth C311 at Boston Comic Con, to meet author of the Flesh of the Blood series (he is also a bagpiper), E.A. Channon!

Make sure you pick up the first two of this epic series, along with an autograph, (always good to have reading material for travel and long lines).

Did you check out the pictures from Boston Comic Con 2014?

July 2016
Princess on Parade

If you are lucky, you will be able to find Rydia parading about as Native Princess Pocahontas, courtesy of Big Smile Entertainment.

May everyone remember the people and places that made America great.

Check out parade pictures!

Princess on Parade
Bimbo Bear Returns.
June 2016
Sinistar Bear

She hungers.
Run, coward!
Run, Run, Run!
Beward, coward!
Beware, she lives!

Late April 2016
PAX East: amiiboheaven

Miz Sylver will be on a sequel to the panel at PAX Prime with Ethan-Miguel (Nintendo Gaymer), Peter Ortiz (StreetPass NYC), everyone's favourite Sean M. Sullivan, Abdallah (Abdallah Nation), and Debbie Lee Gluzband (StreetPass LI) on Friday, April 22nd at 10:30 am in the Cuttlefish Theatre.

You can also find her at the Wargaming booth playing World of Tanks and World of Warships!
Panel Roster for PAX East 2016

Miz Sylver will
                              appear as Mileena for Make Sense Variety
Early April 2016

You can find Miz Sylver performing fatalities courtesy of Make Cents Variety (the best retro game shop in Milwaukee) on Saturday, April 9th at the Midwest Gaming Classic!

Stop by and play some pinball... or see if you can beat her score at Ms. Pac-Man.

March 2016
North Dakota Exists!

Ever been to North Dakota? Now Rydia has seen it in person and acquired physical proof of its existence! Read the article by Elizabeth Hackenburg from the Williston Herald or second article by Melissa Krause.

It should be noted the ARC also has an amazing flowrider!

Note: thank you to Tana and all the lovely people who helped bring me to your state.
Rydia in the Williston Herald
Rydia: Action Squad in Action!
February 2016
Galactic Superleague

Between her usual performances of The Yellow Dress at schools (this month, the brave can even find Rydia in North Dakota), she will be once again be on the Action Squad with Super League.

If you love Minecraft, this is one event you don't want to miss! You can play with Rydia at the fabulous Showcase Cinemas in Revere.

Sign up for #SuperLeague using code ACTION9!

January 2016
Ride Along

Would you like to sign up for a ride kind sir/madam?

You can find Rydia at the 2016 New England International Auto Show from January 14th - 18th at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

Want to hear about the Car Show? Listen to Miz Sylver & The Wolf Doctor discuss the former's attendance here.
Let Rydia sign you up for a ride in a

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