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                                    East Panelists 2016

                                    to StreetPass in amiiboHeaven Pt 2
                                    Flyer Side 2: Amiibo Checklist

How to StreetPass in
                                    amiiboHeaven Pt 2 Flyer Side 2:

Winner of Best Smashing Power
                                    for amiibo

amiibo Customization Slide Show

Custom LED Pac-Man amiibo made by Sean M. Sullivan

Swapnote Me Maybe by StreetPass Arizona

Peter Ortiz (StreetPass NYC), Abdallah Elayan (Abdallah Nation),
Sean M. Sullivan (Cosplayer/Customizer), Miz Sylver (StreetPass Boston),
Ethan-Miguel Scott (Nintendo Gaymer), Debbie Lee Gluzband (StreetPass LI)

amiibo Checklist made by h3ibai and slightly modified by Miz Sylver bwahaha

How to StreetPass in amiiboHeaven Pt 2

Nintendo's line of toys-to-life, amiibo, has created a craze that has swept the gamer community and country. With amiibo becoming more plentiful, how can you best StreetPass and unleash the power of your amiibo? Get the best tips and tricks from StreetPass Boston, StreetPass NYC, Sean "Mario" Sullivan, and more!

There will be a Q&A and giveaways.

Best Custom Amiibo (Design and Smashing ability) and Costume Contest!

Bring your Nintendo 2/3DS for StreetPassing and Smashing!


Rydia Q Vielehr [Chief Event Organizer, StreetPass Boston], Peter Ortiz [Chief Event Organizer, StreetPass NYC], Sean M. Sullivan [Cosplayer / Customizer, Sean M. Sullivan], Abdallah Elayan [Entertainer, Abdallah Nation], Ethan-Miguel Scott (Blogger, Nintendo Gaymer), Debbie Lee Gluzband [Co-Founder, StreetPass Long Island]

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