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  HOW TO STREETPASS IN AMIIBOGEDON  Did you watch the promo video?

Fire Mario & Ms. Pac-Man

How to StreetPass in
                                    Amiibogedon Flyer Side 1: Camping

How to StreetPass in
                                    Amiibogedon Flyer Side 2: Amiibo

Retro Polaroid of How to
                                    StreetPass Panelists

Andrew Reistroffer (StreetPass Seattle), Jennifer Holly (StreetPass LA),
Sean M. Sullivan (Cosplayer/Customizer), Miz Sylver (StreetPass Boston),
Kelsey Lewin (Pink Gorilla Games), Natalie Kipper (StreetPass LA)

Amiibo Checklist made by h3ibai and slightly modified by Miz Sylver bwahaha

How to StreetPass in Amiibogeddon

This past year Nintendo launched their own line of Toys-to-Life, Amiibo, and a craze has swept the gamer community and country. How can you best survive and unleash the power of your Amiibo? Get the best tips and tricks from StreetPass Boston, StreetPass LA, StreetPass Seattle, Sean Sullivan, and your favorite local store, Pink Gorilla Games!

There will be a Q&A and a few giveaways.

Bring your Nintendo 2/3DS for StreetPassing and your best custom Amiibo for showing off and Smashing!


Rydia Q Vielehr [Chief Event Organizer, StreetPass Boston], Andrew Reistroffer [Chief Event Organizer, StreetPass Seattle], Natalie Kipper [Chief Content Editor, StreetPass Los Angeles], Jennifer Holly [Tournament Organizer, StreetPass Los Angeles], Sean M. Sullivan [Cosplayer / Customizer, Sean M. Sullivan], Kelsey Lewin [Manager, Pink Gorilla Games]

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