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  PAX East 2017 Events

Suggested Events for PAX East 2017

10:30 am StreetPass Game Show (#TEAMSKULL) Bumblebee Theatre
1:30 pm Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Panel (with Director Katano & Producer Kato) Albatross Theatre
3:30 pm A Panel Moderated by AI (with Jonathan Holmes & Nick Murdy) Condor Theatre

12:00 pm Mario Kart 7 Tournament (Staff) Handheld Lounge
1:00 pm Black Girl Gamers: A Safe Place for Black Girl Gamers (with Junae Benne) Bobcat Theatre
1:30 pm The Heck is a Monster Hunter? (Monster Hunter NYC with John & Mary) Cuttlefish Theatre
2:00 pm Competitive Gaming: Personal and Professional Development (with Scott Doe) Condor Theatre
8:00 pm Podcasting: from Amateur to Procaster (SPIDERS) Arachnid Theatre
9:00 pm Behind the Design: Your Backstory Affects How You Make Games (with Chris Chung master of cats) Cuttlefish Theatre

10:30 am NieR Automata x FFXV (with epic???) Albatross Theatre
1 pm Acquisitions Live, Inc (with Chris Perkins) Main Theatre
2:30 Turning Your YouTube Career Into a Hobby (with Abdallah) Dragonfly Theatre
5:30 pm Omegathon Final Round! (GO ABBY & AMY!!!) Main Theatre

Admin Plumeria Challenges

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Thank you to all of the Enforcers!
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Thank you to PAX! 

StreetPass Game Show

StreetPass Game Show
10:30 am Bumblebee Theatre

PAX East Panelists 2015

PAX East 2015 Panelists: Allison Thresher (Harmonix), Ethan-Miguel, MH Rock, Eddy Webb.

Podcasting: From Amateur to

Podcasting: From Amateur to Procaster
8:30 pm Arachnid Theatre

All Weekend
PAX Pokémon League
  Handheld Lounge

Laugh Boston with AGE Sports
  AGE PAX Mega Party Weekend

Cool Booths
Square-Enix #11017
Nintendo #18043
Alienware #13043
Yacht Club Games #10126
Blizzard #11000
Has-Been Heroes #19079
DXRacer #13084
Bandai Namco #11043
tinyBuild #13091
Image & Forum #22048
Lootcrate #21085

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*If you like Minecraft, please say hi to Rydia on Saturday morning at Super League!
Sign up to play with the Boston Revolts at the Showcase Cinema de lux in Foxborough, MA.
City Champs runs Saturday March 11th, March 18th, March 25th, April 1st at 10:30 am.
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