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Your StreetPass Game Show
PAX South 2017 Contestant
                                    Tickets Miz Sylver as Plumeria

Rescue Me!
All the contests from the
                                    StreetPass Game Show with the Hosts

Want to see the StreetPass Game Show questions & answers? Click here.

game show art design by wheel genius and slightly modified by Miz Sylver bwahaha
powerpoint base design by Youth Downloads
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StreetPass Game Show

StreetPass Long Island in collaboration with Game Blitz Podcast, StreetPass Boston, and StreetPass Princeton will be hosting the second StreetPass Game Show, which originally debuted at Eternal Con. We asked the gaming community to answer questions about popular Nintendo titles. Join the audiene to help pick categories or view for a spot to be one of the contestants and battle it out for top prizes. Don't forget your Nintendo 2/3DS for StreetPassing!


Sean M. Sullivan [Admin, StreetPass Long Island], Rydia Q Vielehr [Chief Event Organizer, StreetPass Boston], Kelsey Lewin [Store Owner, Pink Gorilla Games], Nicholas Oehlberg [Co-Founder, StreetPass Princeton]

Thank you to...
Everyone who filled out a survey
All the contestants (totally did not rig it for #TEAMSKULL)
Amazing audience
Carol & Tim from UPS
Mystery Person for PowerPoint
Rinaldy for filmography

See you at PAX East 2017!

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