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December 2010
Raven's Revelations is live!

Ever wanted to be a little more like your fantasy character? Rydia and her amazing friend Alan White created a recurring program in the style of a Radio Play where listeners can get their monthly horoscope. There is even a specially divined "Fateful Foretelling" for those born on the 16th of December!

Download either your incredible individual horoscope or the entire electifying episode and listen to it on a device of your choosing...
if you dare...
Raven's Revelations: Horoscopes for
                              Your Fantasy Character
Rydia at Physical

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September 2010
Model Fabuloso

Rydia has been attending physical therapy at Beth-Israel Deaconess. She executes her exercises with such flair, style, and precision (and looks so good doing it) that she was asked to be a model for their Quarterly Spine Center magazine!

You can even see her posing with physical therapist Allison Hylwa on an ENORMOUS signboard.
June 2010
Listen to my voice...

voice (vois)
an instrument or medium of expression

Coming Soon: Rydia will visit you on an entirely new realm: voice-over! Commercial, narration, audio books, work-out and cooking tutorials, those annoying phone systems, and more!
Edge Studio: Voice Over Center

"The voice is a celestial melody."
"The human voice is the organ of the soul."
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"I pray thee gentle mortal, sing again,

Mine ear is much enamoured of thy note..."
-Tytania, Queene of Fairies
Linda and
                              Rydia April 2010
To the South!

Four plane rides, two performances, and a pretzel in an airport hanger later... Rydia brings The Yellow Dress to Little Rock AFB. On the left is Linda Benjamin, SARC Program Assistant.

P.S. Stop by the delightful restaurant Vieux Carre if you get a chance!
January 2010

Pregnant? Love the environment? Know someone who's pregnant and loves the environment? Get this informative (and fun!) dvd featuring Rydia playing a mom-to-be with green on her mind.

Preview a quick clip of her and father-to-be Darius on YouTube!

                              Green Guide to Pregnancy DVD!

News Archive

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