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December 2011
Here We Come A-Wassailing

Among the malls, holiday parties, private homes, and not so wintry streets!

From Black Friday to Christmas Eve, you can listen to the sweet serenades and jolly jingles of Rydia and her fellow singers in costumed quartets.
She is once again with the famed Victorian Carollers and Big Smile Entertainment.

And who else is that in the picture? Fellow KidStage actress Yvonne Murphy.

Rydia and Yvonne from
                              Victorian Carollers
Mary Lou the Ghost
hAllowEEn sPeCiAL
They're Coming...

...to take me away! Ho Ho He He Ha Ha!

Some people like Witchy Wanda or Paulie the Purple People Eater say I've lost my mind.

I just want you to know that my name is Mary Lou and I'm a Ghost. I sing a few songs here and there, like "Monster Mash" and "Jeepers Creepers" - but the tune closest to my heart is called "Ben" - about my very special friend, who is always running here and there...
October 2011
National Commercial!

Keep your eyes glued to your televisions. Ever since Rydia's hilarious performance on American's Funniest Home Videos, the people have been demanding more national exposure!

You can catch Rydia sporting a snazzy business suit in a National Commercial for IdeaPaint: a fabulous product that allows you to turn any paintable surface into a whiteboard.

Can't wait for a commercial break? View the ad right now at YouTube or IdeaPaint's blog. Wait for the handoff of a Big Idea at 0:14!
Rydia is
                            in a National Commercial for IdeaPaint!
                            as an Arabian Princess with her Prince
September 2011
Magic Carpet Ride

Do you prefer a blond, a brunette, or a smokey dark-haired songstress from Arabian Nights? Why not choose them all!

Take a quick glance at a couple of the preliminary photographs taken at the Enchanting Woodside next to Underwood Photography. If you're lucky, you might even get a glimpse of Indian Princess Pocahontas...

August 2011
Fairy Princess

Though she once toured the country as the Wicked Witch in Sleeping Beauty, now Rydia plays the enchanting princess.

Big Smile Entertainment not only brings charasmatic carolers to your doorstep, but also transports you to the land of Far, Far, Away...

Who knows? Maybe you will soon have the chance to rescue a Fairy Princess of your own!
                            as Sleeping Beauty

                              Horrorshow DVD Cover
July 2011
Get your horror on!

Disappointed in Scream 4? Can't wait until Halloween for your next gory thriller? Want to watch Rydia on the tube every Friday night?

Pre-order your very own copy of Drive-In Horroshow from Amazon.com.  Post your apocalyptic review of the film on IMDb.com.

DVD Release on July 5th!

Pop up some corn, turn the lights down low, and make it a horror night.  Also, check out the new bloody trailer. Shrill screams at 0:29.
April 2011
Be Whisked Away to Arabia

Cross off another nationality on Rydia's checklist of ethnicities played! She portrays Fatima Mansur, the Arabian Roommate, in Apollinaire Theatre's production of Arabian Night - a thriller about five souls on one hot evening*. This is only one of four fantastic plays running as part of Foreign Fest.

*There is nudity. No children please.
 And no, just like in Hair, Miss Vielehr still    
 keeps all her clothing on.
                            as Fatima Mansur, the Arabian Roommate
                            shows off Office Supplies at Staples

March 2011

...for my training video! Rydia has been working her way up the professional ladder, from retail to corporate - Staples to IBM. Employees nationwide will soon be able to glimpse her assisting customers in office supplies or questioning tomorrow's leaders in business conferences.

And my, doesn't her hair look amazing!
A well groomed employee is a hard working employee.
February 2011
Rydia on Fox News Again!

Rydia has traveled to the frozen wastes of Wisconsin to bring The Yellow Dress to Slinger High School. Those fortunate enough to subscribe to the West Bend Daily News can read an article (with picture!)

Unfortunate souls can watch Rydia in a clip from Fox6 News on YouTube. (Watch for her parents Denise & Jerome in the front row).
Watch Rydia on Fox6 News!

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