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July 2021
Daughter of Hippolyta

"Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder."

For many years, Rydia has portrayed the Amazonian Queene, Hippolyta, now, courtesy of Big Smile Entertainment you can find her as the daughter, Diana, also known to those in the DC Universe as Wonder Woman.

(Don't let anyone from Marvel know! Any friend of Rydia's knows she is a Marvel girl at heart. One of her favorite moments was meeting Chris Claremont at NYCC).
Captain America & Wonder Woman

Composer's Lab Art

June 2021
A Whole New World

Rydia has been honored to be chosen as a singer in the Boston Singers' Resource Composer Lab. She has been paired with composer, Haeyun Kim, and will be performing with pianist Brendon Shapiro at a free concert on June 17th at 6 pm. Thank you to the Mass Cultural Council for the Sponsorship!

To find out more information, please check the Boston Singers' Resource website here.

May 2021

The past couple years have been historic in a way no one wants to have imagined. All we can do now is fight for a way to make a better tomorrow.

You can now watch a trailer for, "What Happened at the Old Veteran's Home?" directed and written by Laura Wetzler. The impact on the COVID-19 pandemic on our elderly, veteran, and black community has been shameful.

Rydia as a Nurse in a short film

Watch the trailer here.
Zoom Play of The Lesson

Rydia, Emily, and Tim online!
April 2021

The world may still be closed, but that does not mean theatre is closed. You can  book actors from Deana's Educational Theater for virtual performances! 
Check out the amazing magic DET's new artistic director, Alexandra, is creating on Instagram.

March 2021

Shelly wants YOU for her rebel group!

Sign-ups open to any young, strapping men willing to take orders - training for the right recruits (a swift gun shot to the head for any rejects).

Want to know more? Check back with Anawam Street Productions.


Picture courtesy of Edilasio Alexander

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