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December 2013
Golden Belles

It's Christmas Time at the Prudential Mall.
Here the Belles go Ring a Ling.
Here them Ring.
Soon it will be Christmas Day.

Invading a mall near you are singers Alan White and Rydia Vielehr, back again with the Victorian Carollers!

But wait! A little phoenix also told me that they will be appearing as dueling emcees at TempleCon! Check back later for an update.

Great Golden Balls of Caroling
                              featuring Alan and Rydia

May Model of
                            the Month
Model May Update 2013

     Check it Out Below!
July 2013

Remember those disclaimers in 90's arcade  games about winners and drugs?

Well, now you can learn how to be a winner and watch Rydia in a clip from a Public Service Announcement about the the Quitline.

Be a winner!

(Psst: Check out the Updated May Update!)

Hope for Caroline
June 2013
Hope for Caroline

On Saturday June 1st, fairy tale Princess Jasmine (Rydia) will be appearing at a Family & Friend Carnival Event with fellow Princesses Snow White & Belle to help bring hope to real life Princess "Calle" - a five year old girl diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Giloma.

Want to become a real life Prince Charming and learn more? Click here.
Model May Update 2013

Miss Vielehr is often fashionably late to hearing news about herself, but did you know, that she was named Encore Nationwide's May 2013 Model of the Month?

"Rydia has always done an amazing job on various promotions thru Encore Nationwide and continues to receive rave reviews from our clients each and every time she works."

Where did she receive these rave reviews?
New England International Auto Show!
Woodbridge Mall's "Club" Fashion Show!
And More...!
Fashionable People

Models Rachael Jarvis & Rydia Q Vielehr
Knights of
                            the Realm May 2013
A Fantastical Tale

Update! Full Gallery now up!

Many years ago, in a far away land... lived kings, assassins, knights and magicians.  A series of photos have emerged inspired by folktales and poverbs of Ghana, with influences of high fantasy, swashbuckling, and renaissance!

Members of the Court
Photography by Peter Paradise Photography
Design by Alan White

Click for a preview....

March 2013

Recently, Rydia got one of her most daring jobs ever... working with real gorillas at the famed Museum of Science! To the right, you can see a picture of her with one of these gentle beasts.

Coming this fall, in the Hall of Human life, you will be able to see footage of Rydia discussing the human brain, distractions, video games (she loves the latter), and if you are lucky, you will catch a glimpse of a gorilla.
Rydia will be
                            appearing at the Museum of Science!

Click for a picture with "Caroline"
Click to go to a clip from the video
                            Dating Violence in Mississippi February 2013
What happened in 'ippi?

Not only does Rydia perform The Yellow Dress in Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Jersey - she once again travels to...
 The Deep South!

Did you know Tupelo, Mississippi:
1) Is the birthplace of legend Elvis
2) Contains a Rockin' Automobile Museum
3) Hosts a Buffalo Park and Zoo?
    (that sells dippin' dots!)

Knowledge is Power.
February 1
Enter Biopunk

Rydia aka the illustrious, fabulous, untouchable Miz Sylver will host "Helix: an Evening of Biopunk Entertainment" at TempleCon 2013.

Join us as a flurry of entertainers fight (and sing, dance, and hoop) to save the genetic future of humanity!

Costume design by MiWu.
TempleCon 2013

Click for pictures...

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