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Rydia is Caroling Again! December 2014
I'm dreaming...

...of a White Christmas...
If only there was less rain...

For the quatrillionth season, Rydia can be found around town with Big Smile Entertainment and Victorian Carrolers!
TBD Surprise
High Fidelity

Miss Rydia's voice? Check back soon for when and where to hear it in a commercial...
Check back
                            soon for more information!
Rydia at the Nintendo Holiday Mall
                              Experience 2014

Seriously, I love Smash Bros.

November 2014
Nintendo Holiday Games

Want to check out Nintendo's latest Wii U and 3DS titles? Try to Settle it in Smash with Rydia at the South Shore Plaza in Braintree, MA from November 24th - December 21st!

Can you beat her at Mario Kart 7?

Mid-October 2014
YouTube Ad Update


update below
Don't click through Rydia on those
                            annoying loading ads...
Rydia at New York Comic

Who is everyone's favourite Super Hero?

Marvel or DC?
October 2014
New York Comic Con

Rydia accompanied Adam Anthony (the real Daredevil) of #awesomesome to NYCC - attending many fabulous events, including the Marvel Daredevil Signing and Marvel's Daredevil, Exclusively on Netflix Panel.

Sailor Mars attended New York Comic

Mars Power Make Up!
Rydia & Deborah

She also said hi to J.M. DeSantis, author of Chadiyana, and had the honour of meeting Deborah Ann Woll.

September 8-11 2014
Pennsylvania Power Tour

Rydia traveled with fellow actors Tim Hoover and Casey Preston to the mysterious lands of western Pennsylvania, courtesty of Schuylkill Women in Crisis (SWiC) and Deana's Educational Theater to perform Remote Control.

Read an article in SWiC's newsletter or check out the article from The Republican Herald that you might still be able to find hard copies of in person, if you are lucky!
Tim, Rydia, and Casey in
                            Remote Control
Rydia Loves Chevy
September 2014
International Sensation

Miss seeing Rydia on TV?

Now you can watch her not only on the internet, but also catch her on New England Television, and even Television in Brazil if you are lucky.

Get a new car with a loan from yesautoloannow.com

Also, remember to get a loan to buy Rydia a classic Firebird, Camaro, or Corvette Stingray!

Update: the compilation ad has been spotted on YouTube as a loading ad. Don't click through - watch until the end!
August 2014
What's My Name?

Snoop? Slim Shady? Rihanna?

Miz Sylver will be at Boston Comic Con (runs August 8th-10th) on Saturday around Booth #W61, promoting Boston Underground 2014 Film Festival New England Film Winner documentary "My Name is Jonah." Oh, and it is a comic, too!

Are you strong enough to survive? Or are you too weak... Movie time is 4 pm.

Try to catch her (not in a Pokéball) on Friday or Saturday!

Booth Group Shot Silk Spectre I Attack
Rydia will be promoting
                              "My Name is Jonah" at BCC
Who is
                            inside that Mascot outfit?
July Mystery Revealed
Doughboy Deliciousness

Baked at 325 for 4-5 hours over a two day period, risen to perfection, Rydia wandered the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center as the General Mills mascot, The Pillsbury Dough Boy, escorted by the lovely Marvelyn McFarlane at the School Nutrition Association Annual National Conference.

Click to eat.
Hot Live TV Action

Don't miss this chance to catch Rydia get hypnotized on LIVE TELEVISION by Cara Institute's captivating hypnotist Bernard Yam.

Watch local Cambridge Community Television on Channel 9 or the Live Stream on their website from 19:30-19:57 EST on Tuesday, July 15th.

What would YOU hypnotize Rydia to do?
Rydia on CCTV
Update from Rydia's Greatest Fan, Rich Gurdak; Night Owls can watch a repeat stream on 7/23/14 at 3:00 am EST.

Independence Day Block Party

Brought to you by Big Smile Entertainment
July 2014
Jasmine & Special Update

Want to meet everyone's favourite Princess in  person? Come on down to the Independence Day Block Party in Everett, MA (260 Chelsea Street) on Saturday July 12th.

12-5 pm
   Princesses (Jasmine 12-3 only)
1-2 pm (Photo Area)
   Captain Jack, Aladdin, Jasmine

Want to see Pictures?

July 2014
It's Coming...

Princess vs Dough Boy.

Which is more delicious?

More details...

                     ...Coming Soon.
"It" is coming...
Rydia displays her True
June 2014
What's your alignment?

What is little Rydia holding behind her back? A rope? A candlestick? Daggers? Explosives tied to a mewing kitten? We may never know.

In any case, if you haven't, make sure you like the picture on Facebook and check out all of Armor Class 10's alignment t-shirts.

For the pure and unadulterated evil, this shirt also comes in black.
April 2014
Pax Panel Appearance

Did you miss Rydia at TempleCon? Come to see her at a PAX East panel - Gaming Socially: A World at Play.  Check out the Facebook page. What is your favourite multiplayer game?

You can say also say hi to Streetpass Boston's Ethan-Miguel of Nintendo Gaymer, Game Over's Scott Trano, Jon Myers from Reactive Studios, Alec Shobin of Boston Post-Mortem, or Trevor Stricker of Disco Pixel!
                              is at PAX East - Socially Gaming!

Saturday 4/12/14 16:00-17:00 Badger Theatre
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

                              recently modeled for Armor Class 10!
Late March 2014
Lady of Mystery

You will be able to view pictures of Rydia in print and online adorning t-shirts from Armor Class 10.  According to her biography from TempleCon, Rydia's t-shirt alignment is "Chaotic Neutral" because she likes to keep her options open. Which one is your favourite?

Make sure you visit Armor Class 10's Facebook page and like all her pictures!
You can even get these t-shirts from that corrupt company run by Erik Mona and Jason Bulmahn (Paizo).

March 2013

A savage creature has broken into the Museum of Science to retrieve a clip from perhaps one of the most ground breaking science videos of this century.

Now you, too, can watch this epic video!

If you are ambitious, visit the museum to look for fellow MIT Graduate, and assistant curator Violetta Wolf.
Rydia at the
                            Museum of Science!
Rydia in The Yellow Dress in Foxboro
February 28 2014
Foxy Lady

Miss Rydia had students in Foxboro enthralled with her performance of Deana's Educational Theater's The Yellow Dress on February 27th.

Read the full report  in The Sun Chronicle by Emily O'Donnell with pictures by Martin Gavin here.
February 2014
Random Encounter

What are you doing on Saturday February 8th at 6 pm? Attending TempleCon in Rhode Island to see the Illustrious Miz Sylver emcee the Black Ice Ball!

DJs Black/Mail, ZNUH, & Totentanz will be spinning retrowave/synthwave and 80s-inspired electronica, with a musical performance by Cyborg Singer Briana Paquin. Flow Wand dancer Ellipsa and Poi Spinner Michael Kevin Farrell will also be entrancing the audience.

And, if you are lucky, you can also score a spot at a table tortured by this Guest of Honour in  "A Temple of Fire and Ice." Don't get burned!
                            Illustrious Miz Sylver Returns!

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