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Rydia as Jasmine

Rydia as Pocahontas
Rydia as Sailor Mars with the
                                    Original Five Scouts

Arabian Princess

True Love

Sailor Mars

Rydia as Team Skull Admin

Rydia as Iris with her Dragon
Liepard at New York Comic Con


Liepard Weaponized

Rydia as Sally from Nightmare
                                    Before Christmas

Rydia likes Pointy Objects

Rydia Spars with Alan!


Sharpen the Blade.*

Fight to the Death.*

Miz Sylver at TempleCon 2015
                                    (photo copywrite MG Norris)

TempleCon MC Outfit

MiWu and Miz Sylver
                                    at the Neo-Victorian Tea Party

TempleCon MC 2015*

TempleCon MC 2014

TempleCon Tea Party

Rydia is Chaotic Evil

My gun is bigger.

Amanda Conner
                                    made me arrest her at Boston Comic

I'm actually CN.

I have the bigger gun.

Silk Spectre I

Rydia as the Pillsbury Dough
                                    Boy Mascot!
                                    the Type I Turtle

Rydia as the Bimbo Bear

Pillsbury Mascot!
Toby the Turtle

Bimbo Bear

Professional Appearances:
Genghis Con 2017
  Special Guest - Dungeon Master, Cosplayer
PAX South 2017
  Panelist - StreetPass Game Show, StreetPass Switch
Tacticon 2016
  Special Guest - Panelist, Cosplay Judge
PAX East 2016
  Panelist - How to StreetPass in amiiboheaven pt 2
PAX Prime (West) 2015
  Panelist - How to StreetPass in Amiibogedon
PAX East 2015
  Panelist - Second Quest (That'll be 99 Gold)
PAX East 2014
  Panelist - Gaming Socially (A World at Play)
Temple Con 2013-2015
  Special Guest & MC, Game Design Panel (2015)

Past Costumes:
  Princesses - Aladdin's Beloved, Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty
  Rudolph (Mascot)
    Courtesy of Big Smile Entertainment
  Pokémon Characters - Plumeria, Iris, Liepard
  Sally Jupiter aka Silk Spectre I (comic book version Watchmen)
  Sally (animated film Nightmare Before Christmas)
  Mileena (video game Mortal Kombat)
    Courtesy of Make Cents Variety
  Pillsbury Doughboy (Mascot)
  Bimbo Bear (Mascot)
  Toby the Type I Turtle (Mascot)
  Sailor Mars (thanks, Mom!)
  Zelda (NES Comics System The Legend of Zelda)
  Ms. Pac-Man
  Tifa (video game Final Fantasy VII)
  Nadia (anime Secret of the Blue Water)
  Lina Inverse (anime Slayers)
  Buzam (anime Vandread)
  More "Ren Faire" style costumes than I care to admit
  Probably other characters I am forgetting...

Current Costume Project:
  Bastet (video game Smite - original Dominatrix version, or Arcane Assassin)

  No, not this kind of Dominate.
  Look, I was paid to wear this shirt, okay?

* "Fight to the Death" and "Sharpen" pictures by Peter Paradise Photography
* TempleCon MC 2015 picture by MG Norris

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